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should you stretch before exercise or your job or a light jog

i had a worker stretching before work and pulled a muscle on his shoulder blade.

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Warming up the body prior to exercise is always a good idea. A warm-up provides heat to the muscles and prepares them for the workout to come. There are many ways to perform a warm-up including with light massage, heating pad, hot tub, or through light physical activity. Think about a rubber band-if you put the rubber band in the freezer (much like muscles not being used) then it gets cold and ridged. In order to be able to properly used the rubber band after you take it out of the freezer you need to heat it up slowly and progressively, rather than simply going for the big stretch right away, otherwise it with snap and break. The muscular system works the same way. Prior to physical activity, it is beneficial to perform a few dynamic flexibility exercises and elevate the heart rate somewhat in order to increase blood flow and heat to working muscles. Depending on the type of physical activity you may be preparing for, a warm-up could last between 5-15 minutes. The longer the activity, the shorter the warm-up, the more intense the activity, the longer the warm-up should be as well. Static stretches are important for increasing flexibility, however, they are best done after the workout when the muscles are fully warm and ready to receive the benefits that static stretching for 30-60 seconds offers. A warm-up before a jog could consist of cat/cow, a few body weight squats (maybe not to full depth, depending on the individual), knee hug walk, and a downward dog (yoga stretch). These exercises and more like it can be found here:


Mar 28, 2014 - 11:06 AM

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