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is carb nite solution and carb backloading by John Kiefer as good as people say?

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Carb Nite Solution and Carb Backloading are books based on the premise that if you follow an ultra-low carbohydrate diet with intermittent splurge days you will lose weight and eventually reverse the hormones that may be working against you in the process. The author proposes that greater fat loss can be achieved by what he calls “riding the wave” meaning allowing yourself periodic indulge days to break hormone patterns in order to lose more body fat.

One of the first things to consider before starting any plan is to speak with your doctor to determine whether it’s appropriate for you specifically. Following a high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet long-term may result in some nutrient deficiencies, as well as greater risk of heart disease due to low-fiber/high saturated fat intake (Zeratsky, 2012). The Carb Nite Solution is built on scientific concepts that may be difficult to put into actual day-to-day practice and involve a few assumptions.

Assumption #1: Weight/fat loss is central to hormone fluctuations

While it is certainly true that hormones play a role in weight/fat loss, the program may be isolating a very scientific process while potentially overlooking broader and much more “real-life” issues involving unique individual physiological responses, psychological factors, as well as social and environmental influences.

Assumption #2: Hormone responses are the same for everyone
Hormone fluctuations are dependent on a number of factors including age, gender and current body composition. Therefore, it may be difficult to predict reliable results.

Assumption #3: People will be able to have an indulge day where they can eat the carbs they’re craving, then get back on track the very next day.
This is probably one of the most difficult concepts to actually put into practice. Most of us can appreciate how tough it is to begin a new eating plan- craving all the foods we can’t enjoy. If allowed to indulge in anything you wish one day, the thought of going back to deprivation the next day may hold little appeal.

One of the larger public criticisms about The Carb Nite Solution was that it was lacking information on the importance of physical activity in the weight loss process. The author later produced another iteration of the program called Carb Back-Loading or CBL 1.0 that addressed those concerns by including a workout plan to be completed within specified hours of the day for maximum benefit. Although the revised version of the program addressed the lack of exercise issue from the former edition, the key assumptions remain and may certainly affect how long someone is able to stick to the plan and ultimately maintain their weight loss.

The Carb Nite Solution.

Zeratsky, K. (2012). Are High Protein Diets Safe For Weight Loss? Nutrition and Healthy Eating.


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