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Will a Fitness Nutrition Speciality Certification allow me to give Nutrition advice?

Looking at getting Fitness Nutrition Speciality Certification or Health Coach. Which one will allow me to give Nutrition advice to clients? What can I do with Fitness Nutrition Certification and what can I do with Health Coach Certification?

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The ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification provides pros with the nutrition information, tools, and know-how they need to incorporate nutrition coaching and discussion of nutrition information in their work, while staying within their professional scope of practice. Yes, if you get the fitness nutrition specialist certification you will be able to provide nutrition information to your clients, though you still will not be able to create individualized meal plans, or provide nutrition counseling and analysis, and other activities that are typically restricted to registered dietitians. But you’ll find that you won’t need to. The Fitness Nutrition credential helps pros to learn nutrition coaching skills to help empower clients to choose and maintain their own plans. Through activities such as cooking demos, recipe exchanges, and group coaching sessions, the Fitness Nutrition Specialist guides clients along the path to making healthier choices, all while staying within scope of practice.

The ACE Health Coach credential is a broader credential that really helps coaches to learn about behavior change principles and how to successfully empower change. It is this foundational information that is built upon in the Fitness Nutrition credential. The Fitness Nutrition program goes in more detail into the specific nutrition information and less detail of the behavior change principles. They complement each other very well.



Sep 05, 2013 - 06:56 AM

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