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What weight training routine would be good for some one who is fit but has hip pain from lack of cartilage.

Client is 58 years old, active, not over weight. She has been told to stop any jarring exercise such as step classes. She has bone on bone in her hip. She wants to continue to exercise but not do jarring routine. What s best to build strength in her hips?

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There must be one of two criteria met for strength development: High resistance or high impact along the long axis of bones. In this case, it is clear that high impact activities are contraindicated. This leaves heavier strength training as the only way to build strength.

However, if you have this client perform heavier exercises with high external axial load (such as a barbell squat, for example), you will still likely run into potential trouble due to compressive forces. In this type of situations, it is best to use bodyweight exercises or exercises that avoid stacking weight on top of the skeleton.

Some Examples:

  • Single Leg Squat
  • Semi-Single Leg Squat (1.5 leg squat) – one foot flat, the other foot has the ball of foot down with heel lifted
  • Single Leg or Double Leg Glute Bridge on Bench or Ball
  • Dumbbell squat – hold DBs at sides
  • Standing Pivot with elastic resistance around feet (feet together; step one foot out, to the side and backward…pivoting, with the tube around feet to provide resistance)
  • Any of the above performed on top of a Step360 platform(NOT a BOSU, or other extreme balance challenge device. These are too much challenge to be of benefit.)
  • Also, be sure to use a wide variety of foot positions with any squat variation as the varied frequency of foot position will provide a varied enough challenge to make it less likely to irritate the body in any one spot of the hip.



Apr 04, 2014 - 11:10 AM

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