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What is the most effective Triceps exercise?

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The upper arms are an area of the body many people commonly cite as a "trouble spot." To strengthen the triceps, the muscles located in the back of the upper arm, below are three research supported exercises.

Triangle Push-Up - A variation of the traditional push-up, the triangle push-up involves placing the thumbs and forefingers together with the hands directly underneath the chest. Just like in the traditional push-up proper form is key, so if you’re new to performing triangle push-ups you may opt to perform this exercise with bent knees keeping the hands in the same triangle position before progressing to the full plank position with the body.

Triceps Kickbacks - Using dumbbells, triceps kickbacks are another exercise where proper form is imperative, not only for effectively targeting the triceps, but also for safety reasons in order to prevent any additional loading on your spine.

Dips - Dips are an effective triceps exercise which can be done in the gym using dip bars or a weight bench, or it can be done at home using a sturdy chair.While this exercise does elicit a great deal of muscle activity, when done incorrectly it can also place a great deal of stress on the shoulder joint, so be sure to focus on proper form throughout the movement.

For guidance on proper form for the above mentioned exercises and to determine which exercises may be best suited for you in order to maximize your workots and ensure your safety, consider enlisting the help of an ACE-certified personal trainer.



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