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Status:Closed    Asked:Dec 17, 2013 - 12:18 PM

What do you think of the "Les Mills" training program, specifically for group exercise training?

This program was recommended to me by a fitness professional from a popular local gym. I heard they provide choreograph training also.

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Pre-choreographed programs are very popular at the moment. Much of that appeal comes from the great music, well designed workouts and inspirational moves. Les Mills, like many of the other well-known training programs work hard to make every workout safe and effective. All of their programs are tested, trialed and tweaked until they have the best formula for that particular release. The general formula is that for a specific release the session is pre – or semi choreographed. The training organization provides the instructor with a release kit that includes the music, the new routine and sometimes education on how to teach/coach any new moves. The instructor learns the new format and then starts to teach that new format in their classes. Sometimes the routine has to taught in a specific order and at other times the instructor has a certain amount of flexibility in how and what they teach so long as pre-requisites are met. For example the new release may say there needs to be a focus on the shoulders and needs to include 2 new exercises – but they can be taught in any order.

The key then becomes how effective is the instructor at delivering the workout?. The basic premise behind a pre-choreographed or packaged type program is that the experience should be fun and effective regardless of the ability of the instructor. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. As a minimum an instructor should be NCCA certified. When you are investigating the classes you are interested in ask some of the other participants what their experience is like. This is a really great way to find out what to expect from the class, to determine if it fit your needs. Is the instructor inspiration? Are they motivating? A certified instructor should understand how to offer modifications to the class and cater to those who have different abilities. As a new participant you are going to want to ask your instructor questions either before or after the class – if they are not approachable then it might be worth looking for one who is. Whichever program you decide to do if you enjoy the experience then you’ll be successful.


Dec 17, 2013 - 12:18 PM

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