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Status:Closed    Asked:Mar 28, 2014 - 11:07 AM

Offer assistance to other members at a commercial gym?

As a fitness expert, if you are a member of a commercial gym and notice another member performing an exercise incorrectly, ethically would you correct them if staff members do not walk around and offer assitance

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This is a very interesting question and one that many fitness professionals have dealt with in their daily lives. There are probably many ways to handle this situation; however, if you are not an employee at the facility, you are not legally obligated to do anything, even though you may feel the need (as many fitness professionals do). Perhaps the most professional, and least invasive, way to approach this is by speaking with one of the facility employees (perhaps one of the personal trainers or other fitness staff). Approach him/her as a concerned member and let them know that one of your fellow members may be putting themselves in harm’s way by performing and exercise incorrectly or misusing the equipment. In an extreme situation, like if someone collapses with a cardiac/respiratory event, as a certified professional who is trained in CPR/First Aid and the use of the AED it is your ethical duty as a first responder to act in that situation until further help arrives. If you are specifically asked by another member of a facility for advice while you are working out, be careful that it does not appear that you are ‘training’ that client, as this could be against the facility policies. This can be a very sticky situation, so it is important to approach it as a professional.


Mar 28, 2014 - 11:07 AM

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