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Looking for recommenation on what exercises to start to help build bone (diagnosed with osteoporosis)

I have chronic back pain both upper and lower back that limits my ability and motivation. What activities can you recommend to make exercising more enjoyable or tolerable?? Unable to golf and even fishing more than a few minutes hurts at this point. I need some help getting my life back.

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For people diagnosed with osteoporosis, with or without a history of vertebral fractures, certain physical activities should be avoided. Jumping activities or deep forward trunk flexion exercises such as rowing, toe touches, and full sit-ups can put the spinal structures at risk, so it is commonly recommended to steer clear of these activities.

Recommended activities include a regular walking program, combined with resistance training that targets balance and upper- and lower-body muscle strength. This approach may help to improve muscle strength and coordination, thereby reducing fall risk. The following exercise plan could be a good place to start. Please keep in mind that this routine is only a suggestion. I recommend that you receive medical clearance and exercise guidelines and limitations from your treating physician before you proceed with your training. Further, as you progress in your abilities, it will become necessary to increase the resistance by adding load to your training program to most effectively increase muscle strength and, in turn, bone architecture. This can be done through the use of hand weights, resistance tubing, or exercise machines.

  • Begin the session with 5 to 10 minutes of light aerobic activity, such as walking, followed by a 10 to 15 minutes of gentle stretching and range-of-motion exercises.
  • The following resistance exercises can be performed for 10 to 15 repetitions, initially for 1 set, and then progressing to 2 or 3 sets as tolerated.

Bodyweight squat

Forward lunge

Bird dog

Front plank


Lastly, if you are suffering from pain, your exercise options may be limited. It could
be advantageous to begin exercising with a warm-water, pool-based program for several weeks before you progress to a land-based routine like the one above. If you do experience pain at any time during an exercise, stop the activity and rest. Only move your joints through pain-free ranges of motion.


Jan 20, 2014 - 02:22 PM

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