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Status:Closed    Asked:Feb 13, 2013 - 07:54 AM

Is it true that I should only perform anaerobic exercise 2-3 times per week with at least a day off in between?

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Anaerobic exercise occurs when a person is working at such a high intensity that the oxygen available to fuel the activity is no longer sufficient and the body has to rely on other sources in the muscles and blood for fuel. When performed with appropriate work-to-recovery intervals, this type of training allows the body to become efficient at producing and using energy from the anaerobic energy system, which is an effective way to increase aerobic fitness without having to endure the long distances or durations typical of traditional aerobic training.

Due to the high level of intensity and the amount of time necessary to appropriately recover from an anaerobic-interval workout session, it is recommended to do no more than two days of this type of training per week, allowing at least one full day of recovery between training sessions. Some very conditioned athletes can tolerate up to three days per week, but this frequency is not suggested for most exercisers. Following these recovery guidelines will give the body adequate time to heal and regenerate in preparation for the next intense workout. On the other hand, exercising too soon and not allowing appropriate recovery between sessions will increase the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries and susceptibility to certain illnesses such as the cold or flu.


Feb 13, 2013 - 07:54 AM

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