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I'm looking to do some strength traing and tone up. What are some good exercises to and frequency?

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A great place to begin is through the ACEFit website. ACE has an extensive exercise library to help get you started. You can click on the Workouts and Programs button if you’re looking for an entire routine or simply browse through the Exercise Library for some new moves to spice up an existing program. Exercises are listed by target areas, available equipment, and individual exercise level. You can also stream a video to your computer or device to help you see a particular move in action.

A well-rounded fitness plan involves 3 main components 1.) Cardiovascular activity, 2.) Flexibility training and 3.) Strength/resistance exercises. Cardiovascular activity (recumbent bike, walking, swimming, hiking, dancing, etc.), are ideally done most days of the week. Flexibility training can go right alongside cardiovascular activity and be incorporated everyday to help protect you from injury. It can include anything from yoga to full-body stretches performed after your muscles are sufficiently warmed up. Strength/resistance exercises on the other hand should be performed 2-3 times a week with a 24-48 hour break in between to allow for sufficient muscle recovery. These exercises can include activities using resistance bands, free weights, machines, or body weight.

Begin by selecting 1-2 exercises for each muscle group that you feel most comfortable as listed in the exercise library.

Muscle Group/ Frequency
Abs 2-3x/week

Butt/Hip 2-3x/week

Shoulders 2-3x/week
Arms 2-3x/week

Chest 2-3x/week

Back 2-3x/week

Legs 2-3x/week


Ideally, most healthy adults will want to perform a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week for overall good health. And because muscles can develop an efficiency of motion, it’s important to change up the routine every 4-6 weeks to continue benefiting from those exercises. Your fitness routine can be modified in 4 ways: Frequency (through the number of sets), Intensity (via the amount of resistance), Time (the space between sets) and Type (the actual exercise completed).

Working with a fitness pro is always a good idea to keep you on track towards reaching your goals. ACEfit can help connect you with an ACE-Certified professional in your area. Enter your zip code and you can find a trainer to learn effective techniques for toning up while keeping your program challenging and fun.



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