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How much sitting is too much sitting?

It's easy to get caught up in desk work and realize you haven't moved in 5 hours. How much sitting is considered too much? If I were to set reminders in Outlook to take a walk around the office, how often should they be set to go off?

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There is an epidemic of sedentary behavior in America that is having perilous affects on our health and wellbeing. Whether you are someone who meets the recommended guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise five days a week, or are just getting started into a fitness routine, or are an older individual who needs a little help or ongoing assistance, too much sitting is associated with an increasing list of health concerns. Let me say it simply: too much sitting can shorten your life.

Said simply, spending less than 3 hours a day in a chair is a new goal. If you are setting up a techno-reminder, set it to remind you to stand up and move around about every twenty to thirty minutes. If you don’t have a technological reminder to go off every thirty minutes at home, use a TV commercial as a signal to remind you to get up and move. At work, a great idea is to use a small cup of water or coffee/tea to remind you to get up for refills more frequently.

What to do?

-Work at a standing desk or treadmill desk
-Walk or bike to work
-Take a brief stand up or walking break, up to 10 minutes at least every hour
-Stand at meetings or on the phone whenever possible
-When you sit down, sit down then stand up and then sit down
-When you stand up, stand up then sit down and then stand up
-Park further away from your office, or get off the bus/train/subway a few stops earlier
-Always take the stairs, not elevators
-Be an active sitter on a stability ball at your desk
-Keep the printer away from your desk, perhaps in another office
-Take active stretch breaks, push-ups, squats, lunges, reach-and-pulls, twists and turns
-Keep stretch bands, light-weights, and other small exercise equipment in your office for lunch breaks

“The perils of overwork are slight compared with the dangers of inactivity,” according to Thomas Alva Edison. Boy, did he turn on the lights on this one!



May 19, 2014 - 09:12 AM

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