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How long from start to finish will it take to become a personal trainer through ACE?

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Preparing for the ACE Personal Trainer exam is a different journey for everyone that can take as little as 9 and a half weeks when using the course syllabus provided with our online study format, Academy Elite, or as long as 12 weeks when following our guided weekly Study Coach email series. No matter which path you follow to prepare for the exam it is up to the individual to determine a realistic time frame with regard to how much time you can dedicate to studying per week and when you would ideally like to sit for the exam by. Whether you are trying to get through the study materials as quickly as possible or take your time, most people end up spending between 10-12 hour per week studying. The great thing about the ACE course is that it is a self-paced course which includes custom progress tracking so that you can stay on track with your goal, as well as a step-by-step outline of what needs to be accomplished before taking the exam.

Although we have a set syllabus to follow, the pace at which people move through the materials varies depending on educational background, work experience and various obligations that need our attention. That being said, some people do complete the course and take the exam within the nine and a half to 12 week time frame, while some people move at a pace of one lesson per week and sit for the exam in about 20 weeks.

The important thing to know is that you can take the exam as soon as you feel ready and that you have plenty of tools available to support a variety of learning styles and that you can always call the ACE Resource Center at 1800-825-3636 if you need assistance or would like to review content together. There's also a wealth of study information on both the ACE Certification Study Center Facebook page as well sa the Exam Prep blog.



Sep 12, 2013 - 06:47 AM

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