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How do I grow my group fitness career now?

What is the most popular group fitness area of expertise? I currently hold a group fitness certification and am considering to obtain my CPT. As I am on working on my CECs I'd want to focus on the certs where the jobs are....I love teaching a circuit AND/or interval class, butclubs in my area have this area filled with instructors.

Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

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Building your experience as an ACE certified group exercise instructor can help you become more marketable as an instructor. One of the easiest ways to put your finger on the current trends of what’s “hot” in the field of group exercise is to remember the words that all commence with letter “b”: brain, bodyweight, barefoot, barre, bootcamp, balance, and breathing.

The available platforms today are vast. If your strength is cardiovascular fitness, consider pre-formatted education like Zumba®, and TurboKick®, for example. Alternatively, you can hone your skills with the ACE free CEC course Practical Pointers for Group Fitness as well as the DVD-based courses Demos & Drills.

If your strength is strength fitness (pun intented), consider pre-formatted education like R.I.P.P.E.D.® or BodyPump® and other programming from Les Mills. Alternatively you can hone your strength skills from other companies such as TRX® and to incorporate unique pieces of programming equipment which the 2013 IDEA Trends Report Survey tells us are still highly sought out by members at clubs. Bear in mind, however that the number one trend globally seems to continue to be bodyweight training requiring no special equipment, instructor preparation, and creativity, hence the popularity of the intensity-driven focus of Find out more about bodyweight training at conventions like ACE Symposium East which offer such types of sessions. If your strength is mindful flexibility, consider pre-choreographed education like BodyFlow®, or get ideas from, and

If you don’t currently teach studio cycling, as that is another steady group fitness staple, consider taking a few classes to see if this would enhance your career, and then investigate more of Schwinn’s educational resources.

Barefoot fitness proves to be a growing trend, as the IDEA report shows, so honing your barefoot skills as group fitness instructor is another great option.

The number one demographic that continues to grow, with over 10,000 people in the USA and Canada celebrating their 65th birthday per day, is the active aging market. According to Colin Milner directing the International Council on Active Aging, instructors need to be well prepared for this market. Their website,, offers a wealth of information for today’s interested professional. Even the BOSU market has jumped on this trend, offering “BOSU Mobility and Stability for Active Aging” as the latest in their 2013 programming and dvd series.

If all of your group fitness experience is dry, consider taking the plunge. Aquatic programming for cardio, strength, and flexibility types of classes for all demographics and populations continues to grow. Find out more about pre-choreographed options at or get other ideas from the Aquatic Exercise Association, which also offers aquatic certifications and specialty education.

You can also visit my website for a comprehensive collection of the websites and associations outlined in this article in one convenient location which can be found under the tab called LINKS.


Donlin, Ayla, and Schroeder, Jan. “Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends Report.” IDEA Fitness Journal, June (2013): 34-45.



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