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How can I enlarge the width of my chest?

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To enlarge the circumference of your chest, you will want to go about resistance training in such a way that favors muscle fiber hypertrophy (muscle protein synthesis). In addition to focused exercise, the ingestion of adequate amounts of carbohydrate and protein immediately after a training session can enhance muscle protein synthesis.

For most people, and for most practical purposes, standard resistance exercise (8 to 12 repetitions at 65 to 80% 1RM for 3 to 6 sets) produces hypertrophy in the trained muscle fibers. Because your focus is specifically on chest (or pectoralis major) hypertrophy, you should choose a variety of exercises that target that area. Examples of different exercises that target the chest include:

Dumbbell bench press
Barbell bench press
Dumbbell incline press
Decline barbell press
Lying dumbbell pec fly
Lying dumbbell pullover
Seated machine press

Lastly, plan on performing chest routines once or twice a week for several months in order for the body to adapt to this increased volume of targeted exercise before expecting any appreciable gains in hypertrophy (or chest girth). Also, pay attention to muscle soreness after your workouts and postpone training the area until the soreness has subsided. You definitely want to allow adequate rest between high-volume chest workouts so that the soft tissues and joints of the upper extremity have time to heal and resist injury.



Oct 01, 2013 - 08:29 AM

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