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How do I know if the continuing education courses I'm taking are approved for ACE continuing education credit (CEC)?

I completed a TRX trianing- is this valid for CEC's for ACE? I also have Silver Sneaker MSROM and Silver and Fit Ceritifcations.Do they count toward ACE CEU's?

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As fitness and wellness enthusiasts we are all innately drawn to challenge ourselves and commit to new training whenever we can fit it in. As fitness professionals, we have a commitment to stay current with the fitness industry in order to continue offering the high caliber of training our clients have come to expect from an ACE Professional! Combine that with keeping up with our professional CEC’s, and we find it crucial to get the most value out of the time and funds we contribute!

So-the next time you want to attend a workshop, or purchase an online course, maybe even attend a conference-here are a few things you can do to confirm that your educational efforts are put to their best use.

1. How will I know if the course is already ACE-approved?

Check the directory of ACE-approved courses:

Search for Courses by:
• Course Name
• Course Topic
• Course Provider
• Course Type

At the end of every ACE-approved course, you will be given a Certificate of Completion which will include an ACE course number to simply input to your ACE web account.

2. What if the course is not listed in the directory of ACE-approved courses?

a. Request that the provider submit the course to be reviewed! There is a good chance that if YOU want to go to this course-there are ten others behind you wanting the same education!

b. If the course has not been submitted to ACE for review, you can petition to have the course reviewed for one time only.

Simply follow the directives on the petition form to submit this petition along with a $25 fee to ACE. The course will be evaluated for course content and instructor credentials in order to determine the CEC value of your chosen course.

*As we near the end of the year 2013, we are looking forward to adding new and renewing favorite course offerings from a variety of Continuing Education Providers! So stay tuned!*



Nov 06, 2013 - 02:34 PM

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