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Does lemon and honey helps to reduce the fat or does it suppresses appetite ?

Does lemon and honey helps to reduce the fat or does it suppresses appetite ?

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Lemon and honey concoctions have been used as folk medicine for years to help alleviate sore throats and cold-like symptoms. And while the extra fluid can certainly help keep mucus on the thin side making it easier to eliminate when you’re congested; there isn’t sufficient professional, validated research that would support the claim for using this mixture specifically to reduce fat or suppress appetite. Also, the consistent exposure to lemon juice may be erosive to tooth enamel. However, the good news is that consuming a glass of plain water before a meal could definitely help you consume less food simply because of the displacement of space in the gut. As the water moves in, there is less space for food, which may cause you to get full faster. Another way to increase satiety on fewer calories would be to consider how much water is in the foods you eat and aim to increase those foods with higher water content. This is the basis for a weight management theory known as Volumetrics, which emphasizes foods that contain a lot of water to help displace more calorie dense choices (Rolls, 2012). Foods with higher water content may include things like broth-based soups, fruits and vegetables. Therefore, a healthier approach may be to aim for filling half your meal plate with fruits and vegetables which not only contain a great deal of water, but provide a number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as fiber-a key ingredient to help us feel full on fewer calories. To learn more about healthy ways to reduce fat and manage your weight, feel free to visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture ChooseMyPlate website.

Source: Rolls, PhD. Barbara: The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet: Smart, Simple, Science-Based Strategies for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off, 2012, William Morrow Publishers.


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