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Do you have any tips on ensuring the success of a corporate fitness program?

Starting a corporate fitness/conditioning program at my company. I would like for this to be a huge success and perhaps expand to other companies in the office park where I work. I know wellness programs are beneficial for health insurance cost for companies, which is why I was given the green light, and I want to become the "on-site" fitness expert for all employees. I am looking for any insight anyone might be able to share on what to do and what to avoid.

Thanks for your help.

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Management support is a huge factor in whether or not a corporate fitness program succeeds. So make sure you establish a positive relationship with the leaders of the businesses you’re targeting. Request introductory meetings, and keep them brief; get right to the point and don’t waste their time. Present yourself professionally, and be prepared to share research linking increased physical activity with improved productivity, morale, and reduced health care costs. Invite executive input into the type of fitness programs that would best serve employees; offer to put together short employee surveys via Survey Monkey or a similar service. Be specific in describing the types of services you can provide, and offer to drop off a proposal once you’ve gathered survey data.

Your proposal should, of course, contain details about fitness services and fees, but it should also outline an internal marketing plan for each business, emphasizing the importance of leadership support. Provide sample e-mails, blog posts, and social media posts introducing your services. Include a list of ways each company can promote a culture of health, from holding healthful potlucks and healthy recipe contests to signing up for a local 10K walk/run as a group. The easier you make it for businesses to promote your programs, the more likely they are to get behind you and rally the troops.

Most importantly, when you implement the program, provide superior customer service and always conduct yourself with the highest level of professionalism; this will turn your participants into loyal customers who will sing your praises and recruit their coworkers. Under-promise, over-deliver, and you’ll be on your way to creating a wildly successful corporate fitness program.



Apr 10, 2013 - 10:32 AM

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