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Do you have any questions that would help me prepare for my first personal training interview?

I just received my Personal Training Cert and was curious on interview prep. What kind of quesitons will be asked, how do I prepare, etc..

Any advice?

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Congratulations on becoming an ACE-certified personal trainer! You’ve definitely made the right choice to help prepare you for the road ahead. ACE is a well-respected industry leader and by achieving your certification, you have already conveyed to prospective employers that you have a solid fitness background with knowledge based on scientific principles.

Although it’s difficult to determine the exact questions to be asked in your upcoming interview, there are a number of things you can do ahead of time in preparation for the big day.

Do Your Homework

As with any job interview, it’s always best to familiarize yourself with the company and position upon which you are applying. To do so, many people choose to visit the organization’s website or social media pages. Knowing the mission and core values of a business before your interview will help you answer questions in a manner that best fits the company culture.

Reflect On Your Goals

During interviews, many employers want to know what your motivation is for having a career in the fitness industry as well as with their particular company. It may be helpful to think ahead about your original goals. What are passionate about, what do you find most rewarding about working with people and what motivated you to get your ACE certification in the first place, are all fair questions for any fitness industry position.

Real-Life Examples

Even if you’ve never worked in the capacity of a certified personal trainer, you still have experiences working with people. This is an important factor to remember because at the heart of personal training is the relationship that you build with your clients. Have an example in mind where you feel that because of your professional relationship, the individual you were working with had gained benefit (i.e. improved their health, knowledge about wellness, etc.). Interviewers sometimes like to play devil’s advocate so also be prepared for an example of an outcome that wasn’t so positive and what you may have done differently to remedy the situation if possible.

For general interview tips as well as a great deal of other career hunting resources, feel free to check out GymJob. GymJob is a service from ACE that brings fitness professionals and agencies together while offering the job seekers a number of tools to help market themselves and get noticed in this unique field.



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