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Status:Closed    Asked:Oct 31, 2013 - 01:35 PM

Do participants prefer a class to be taught by the same instructor or by different instructors for variety?

All instructors have different styles, emphasis and teach different exercises in a class. The format is taught the same way, but do member prefer the same instructor each week or do they prefer a variety on instructors (like 2 or three instructors rotating) so they can get something different each time?

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That’s a great question, and there’s no cut-and-dried answer. I’ve observed that while some people get very attached to a specific instructor — and become very grouchy if someone else fills in or takes over — others really enjoy variety. And some people land somewhere in the middle; they prefer a certain instructor, but enjoy having other instructors cover the class once in a while.

We all get used to our daily routines, and when they change, we may not like it — even if it’s a positive change. When we look forward to a certain fitness class with a favorite teacher… and someone else walks in, we may be disappointed, frustrated, or curious. Remind participants that participating in classes with a variety of instructors is an excellent challenge for the brain as they adapt to different routines, teaching styles, and personalities. This kind of stimulus, combined with the brain benefits of cardiovascular exercise, sets them up for better immediate and long-term brain health.

Each of is drawn to different personality types and teaching styles, so it’s hard — if not impossible — for group fitness instructors to please everyone, especially when they’re subbing someone else’s class. Instructors can help participants anticipate change by letting them know ahead of time, whenever possible, that a sub is scheduled. Showing teamwork by giving other instructors a glowing endorsement helps, too, by setting the expectation that participants are in for a great class — no matter who’s teaching.


Oct 31, 2013 - 01:36 PM

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