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Can you point us in the right direction to find someone to do fitness training with my son who is 22 years old.

My son is 22 years old. He suffered a stroke recently only affecting his speech. We would like to find someone in our area that can work with him to do the exercises the right way and prevent any further injury. We are looking for one on one training for him.

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Not knowing exactly where your son is in his recovery process, I thought it best to provide you with general information covering acute rehabilitation through post rehabilitation. A team of health/medical professionals will work with each other, you, and your son to best help him recover from his stroke. Your son’s rehab team may include physicians and nurses who specialize in stroke rehabilitation, as well as other allied health professionals including:

ü A physical therapist to work on issues related to movement, balance, and coordination.

ü An occupational therapist to help your son practice eating, bathing, dressing, and other self-care tasks.

ü A speech-language pathologist to help him relearn essential language skills and also provide guidance if he is experiencing problems with swallowing.

ü A recreation specialist to help your son return to activities that he participated in before his stroke.

ü A counselor or psychologist to help your son manage any emotional issues related to his recovery.

ü Other health professionals, such as a registered dietitian to help your sons with a healthy eating plan and an appropriately trained fitness professional to help your son to safely continue to stay physically once he’s been medically cleared to post-rehabilitation.

ü A social worker to help you and your son arrange for the services and equipment you may need at home after he is discharged from the rehab center.

Below in the source line is a link to some basic guidelines stroke recovery and fitness programming. Hope you and your son find this information helpful. Best of luck with everything!



Jan 19, 2013 - 10:22 PM

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