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Can you still get a body in shape over 50?

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Yes you can absolutely get in shape at 50 years old and beyond! In fact, experts recommend being physically active for all seniors. One of the most significant factors of quality of life for older adults is the ability to live independently, and the mobility and functioning of frail and very old adults can be improved by regular physical activity. For midlife and older adults of all ages and abilities, adopting regular physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle may extend years of active independent life, reduce or prevent chronic disease and disability, and improve overall quality of life.

Individuals over age 50 who wish to pursue sports and performance goals can also have success in this area of fitness. Some seniors manage to maintain remarkable physical abilities well into their eighties and nineties and represent the physically elite of older adults. This group is made up of athletes who continue to train and push themselves into their sixties, seventies, and eighties, as well as individuals who keep working in occupations that require strength and endurance (e.g., fire fighters, police, military personnel, and forest rangers) who maintain their abilities through physical training. Just like people of all ages, older adults can capitalize on their performance potential by maintaining healthy behaviors such as physical training and eating a good diet, and from abstaining from poor health habits such as smoking and drug and alcohol abuse.

Exercise recommendations for older adults are similar to those for the rest of the adult population and include a regular program of aerobic, resistance, flexibility, and balance training. Even people with health limitations are encouraged to add exercise to their daily routines because being physically active improves most health problems. Before engaging in a new exercise program, it is recommended to visit with a healthcare provider who can assess your readiness for physical activity. Then, for safe and effective exercise program design as well as motivational strategies and support, meeting with a qualified personal fitness trainer or health coach would be well worth your time.



Mar 06, 2013 - 12:54 PM

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